What is FilmLoc “INTELLI-PLAC®“?

INTELLI-PLAC® is a placard label holder that is made completely silicone-free. In summary, this placard allows its user to peel and replace the labels little or no effort. 

Because it is manufactured from a single layer, embossed polymer, INTELLI-PLAC® has no silicone or other contaminating coatings. This makes it the ideal reusable placard label holder for paint shops, clean rooms, and any other area involving sensitive applications. Laboratory tests indicate the INTELLI-PLAC® single layer embossed surface withstands exposure to washing, chemicals, variable temperatures, and extreme weather better than multi-layer silicone surface placards. The silicone free composition allows INTELLI-PLAC® to be recycled, even when applied to HDPE and PP containers. INTELLI-PLAC® works with many standard thermal transfer and direct thermal printable label substrates. The embossed polymer surface reduces label contact and prevents adhesive residue buildup, permitting extensive re-use and re-labeling. 



Comes in 100′ rolls for quick and easy installation – less than 5 minutes per 8′ beam for preparation and installation

Standard Widths 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″ and 5″
Standard Configuration 100′ per roll on 3″ core # 533 permanent adhesive, SCK paper liner
Standard Colors Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black and White
Temperature Application temperature > 20o F Service Temperature -20o F to + 220o F
Custom widths, prints, colors and quantity available
Patent # US 7,892,598         Manufactured in the USA

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