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Four Color Process

Four-Color Process Summary

We do a lot of Four-color process work on this press and generally produce the larger jobs that need to run multiple times. Ideal for print image-heavy labels this option is efficient and economically viable. Four-color process prints in CYMK, much like office printers or digital photos. 

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Four-Color Process, unlike spot color printing, runs in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) like your home printers. This method of print allows the colors to blend more effectively than other methods making this the ideal for image-based labels. Compared to Spot Color is cheaper to produce and providing a great image quality.


Matching System

*Disclaimer: Using a chosen color from the Pantone book will have some variations in the color when transferred to CMYK or being mixed. Please see the conversion tool in the link above to discover the variation between the results.