Hot Stamp Labels

What are Hot Stamp Labels?

Hot stamp labels are labels created by the process of hot stamping. Hot stamping a label is produced by heating a metal, usually, a solid magnesium engraved plate sandwiching a colored foil. This is then in between the label substrate and the heated plate. 

The foil that comes into contact with the raised portion of the heated plate is transferred to the label substrate by way of extreme pressure from the hot stamp press.

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Creating Hot Stamp Labels

Starting at the beginning of the label making process, we place a paper spool onto the Unwinding Spindle. The unwinding then feeds the material to the next station. The material as it is leaving is Webbed in order to hold tension throughout the label making process. tension is held by the dancer arm/rocker arm. Then goes into the printing station. This station heats up to 500-400 degrees Fahrenheit this additionally this heats a magnesium plate. This plate holds is custom designed to the order and is heated and pressed to foil on top of the paper.  Going into the station Is a foil/ ribbon which is temper sensitive.  As the heated plate is pushed into the ribbon it is also pushed into the paper, when this happens the image pressed on to the plate is transfer through the ribbon unto the paper. After the paper has had the image printed on, it moves down the line to the cutting die.