What are Ribbons?

Ribbons are printing rolls, used to apply bar codes or images to prints without having to reprint the entire sheet. Rolls are made up of a semi-transparent lens on the paper, and wax. When inserted into a printer ribbon moves between the paper and the printer head, allowing a print on finished products.

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Using Ribbons

 Ribbons are semi-transparent films that are placed in between the printing head and the paper, plastic, or print surface. As the printing head prints, go across the films the images are transferred through onto the material being printed on. Ribbons are divided into three separate categories Wax Ribbons, Wax & Resin Ribbons, and Resin Ribbons. Wax Ribbons are used on various paper products,  including matte, and semi-gloss. They show great detail but are heat and chemical sensitive. Wax & Resin mix provided a higher image quality and can be used on paper and synthetics. These labels are both heat and chemical sensitive. Purely resin labels can be printed into plastics by dissolving them into the plastics themselves.