Spot Color

Our Spot Color produces high-quality designs that are sure to capture your customers’ attention. We use the Pantone Matching System for a vast selection of colors to choose from. Though the Spot Color is not as consistently good at print full spread images due to the color blending. Though colors are more vibrant and consistent than that of CYMK printers.

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When the Spot Color is being used all colors are individually mixed according to the Pantone Matching System. This allows more consistent color printing than digital or 4 color process labels are. Although with color being sharper, they do not blend as easy as other processes to form images. They are still great for brand labels and consistent label appearance. 


Matching System

*Disclaimer: Using a chosen color from the Pantone book will have some variations in the color when transferred to CMYK or being mixed. Please sure the conversion tool in the link above to discover the variation between the results.